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Skiing in Kittelfjäll

Our ski area and its slopes consist of naturally shaped ravines. There is no place in Sweden where you can reach such extensive off-piste skiing directly from the ski system through the 40 slopes with natural ravines, sparse birch forests, and rolling hills. The ski system also offers plenty of pisted slopes in the full color range - from gentle to a bit more challenging for the more advanced skiers.

There are also children's areas for our mini-skiers to train their balance, motor skills, and learn to ski, and in the children's own off-piste area, Minigrova, adults are not allowed. For all jibbers, there is also Central Park - our fun park with a nice mix of jumps, rails, and boxes.

Slopes: 25 off-piste slopes, 9 pisted slopes, 2 children's areas.

Lifts: 4, of which 2 long t-bar lifts, 1 shorter button lift, 1 children's button lift, and 1 rope tow.

Vertical drop: 420 m from the lift, 600 m from the top of the Kittelfjäll mountain, 800 m when doing top tours, heliskiing, etc.

Pisted slopes in the ski system are the green, blue, and red runs, as well as all transport routes that are marked with dots. Orange markings are unpisted ski routes with natural obstacles.

Beginners and young skiers

For our youngest skiers, there is Borkaskogen with a rope tow, carousel, and play area for children. Here you will also find several wind shelters with barbecue areas. Marked B on the piste map.

For beginners and slightly older children, there is Vitterbacken with its own button lift that runs at a slow pace. Here you will also find several wind shelters with barbecue areas and the children's own off-piste area Mingrova where adults are not allowed. Marked A on the piste map.

From the Hotel Lift and Jan Express Lift, there are green and blue slopes and easy off-piste in our unpisted runs. Here you will also find Central Park - our fun park.

Intermediate skiers

Intermediate skiers have a large selection of challenging, long red runs with natural snow and easy off-piste.

Advanced skiers

For advanced skiers, Kittelfjäll is a paradise that offers all types of skiing: ravines, forests, high mountains, corridors, drops, and jumps. Here you will find everything from gentle slopes to very steep ones.

Read more about slope markings in Slaos Lilla Gula here.


Pisted slopes

Our ski system has nine pisted slopes of varying difficulty, from gentle beginner slopes to longer runs with steeper gradients. The most classic runs are Nationella, Granen, and Åsen, as well as our newest run, Värdshusbacken, which goes from the top of the Jan Express Lift and takes you down to Kittelfjäll Värdshus.

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Off-piste in the ski system

In Kittelfjäll, you can reach great off-piste skiing directly from the ski system with 25 runs featuring natural ravines, sparse birch forests, and rolling hills. On the piste map, they are marked with orange markings indicating that it is an unpisted ski route with natural obstacles.

Tips om bra åkning i vårt skidsystem

Touring in the ski system

A new feature for the winter is that we are opening a touring trail in our ski system. There is an increased interest in touring, and to do so safely and also enable more people to try this, we have created a touring trail. The trail goes up to the edge of Pastorn to Checkpoint 3, where you can then choose to go down Znubben (30), Pär Rännan (31), Vitterstigen (32), Pastorn (33), or Konsumravinen (34).

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Central Park

For all jibbers regardless of age, there is Central Park. A fun park for beginner and intermediate snowboarders or skiers with a good mix of jumps and features like rails and boxes.

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Children's areas

In Kittelfjäll, there are not only slopes for off-piste enthusiasts. For children and beginners, there are two great areas right next to our two lifts, the Hotel lift and the Jan-Express lift. Here, there are barbecue huts, rope tows, button lifts, ski cross tracks, ski carousels, and much more for the youngest skiers.

It is also in the children's areas that Kittelfjäll's popular mascot, Renen Renis, can come and say hello to play with the children.

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Parking, warming huts, barbecue areas, and toilets

At our two lifts, you will find parking for the ski resort. Adjacent to the lifts are two warming huts for changing and eating your own snacks, as well as toilets. There are also several wind shelters and barbecue areas for those who bring their own packed lunches.

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Food or snacks

Both children and adults may need a break from skiing to refuel. Regardless of whether you want something refreshing, a quick snack, or a meal, there are several restaurants in close proximity to the ski area.

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Rules of the slopes

  1. BE ALERT - SHOW RESPECT - Act so that you do not risk harming anyone else.
  2. ADJUST YOUR SPEED and skiing style to the terrain, equipment, weather, and your own skiing ability.
  3. CHOOSE YOUR DIRECTION OF TRAVEL - You who come from above must yield to skiers in front of you.
  4. START CAREFULLY! - Check - upwards and downwards - that the slope is clear before you start skiing.
  5. STOP ONLY WHERE YOU ARE VISIBLE - If you need to stop, do it where you can be seen well and where others can pass you. If you fall - clear the slope as quickly as possible.
  6. PASS WITH A MARGIN - Keep such a distance that the passed skier has enough space.
  7. CLIMB UP THE SIDE OF THE SLOPE - Always climb up the side of the slope. This is especially important in poor visibility.
  8. RESPECT SIGNS - Rules and instructions on the slope are for your and others' enjoyment and safety. Follow them!
  9. HELP OUT - You must help in case of accidents. If you are involved in an accident, you must provide your name and adress.
  10. NOTIFY STAFF Notify the staff in the resort if you come across obstacles, hazards or accidents on the ski lifts or pistes.